Jon Arthur Valender

Opera Singer, Producer, and Optimist!


Who am I ? I hear you say....

I’m Dorset born and bred. I have lived a very blessed life; brought up in one of the most beautiful places in the world….not only was my childhood home only a little way from the sea, my grandparents lived in a zoo, but that’s another story.

I moved to Manchester to pursue my dream of becoming an opera singer: you may not have heard of me but that doesn’t matter to me, or to you. I’ve managed to travel the world singing the most incredible music known to man, with some amazing people. I’ve led an unconventional life, but I don’t know any other, nor would I wish to!

Alongside my performing I have always produced events. These started off as vehicles for my performances!

I started with a song recital when I was 19 in a beautiful Tithe Barn - Lieder repertoire has always been a love of mine. This led to a recital tour after I had finished college. I Googled piano recitals in church in each county of the UK and found places that could accommodate me, and offered them a free recital. 

Then followed my biggest production - I decided to put on Mozart’s Idomeneo in Dorchester. It was a concert performance with an amazing line up of friends, I mean international artists! The chorus was made up of a mixture of my students alongside community members and the orchestra was students each mentored by a professional player. The highlight for me was when the pianist for the chorus rehearsals (who had already asked if she could also sing in the performance) asked if she could not get paid her fee, being involved in the event was enough and she knew that I had funded it all myself, with the aid of a number of philanthropic local businesses. This was how I knew what I was doing was resonating.

....more on this later!