The Age of Optimism


We have recently been told a lot that what we are living through are “unprecedented times”…they are. No-one has been unaffected, we are all constricted by regulations which can change at the drop of a hat, but also many of us have also not been paid for a long time. Even if that remuneration is not financial it can also be just through fulfilment. This is where I’m not about to start a sob story!

In July we were finally given the OK to do some outside performances. I approached a local, very beautiful hotel and in 10 days I started a festival. Every Sunday evening for 7 weeks,  we had an hour's concert; one week a string quartet, the next an operatic duo, the next we had Cuban Jazz, etc: we raised money (over £5k was raised for the performers), the Hotel made some money on the bar and audiences were thoroughly entertained. 

I was blown away by the response. We, obviously, had to maintain social distance so limited our numbers but each event was sold out. Whilst people were delighted to be able to support another industry for just a tenner, they also wanted dates in their diaries to go to events and have a nice time in front of things that weren’t just repeats on the box! 

This has led to further avenues to pursue: we are all looking ahead to a time where we are all vaccinated, and can step back through the hallowed doors of theatres and concert halls with confidence, but we have a few months still where this is just not a possibility.

Festival Trailer